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Contact Lenses

Ask us about the latest in Contact Lens technology that corrects Astigmatism ,near vision ,and dry eye Syndrome.


Medical & Emergency Eye Care

At Wayne EyeCare, we treat and manage various conditions related to your eye health. We utilize a systematic approach in caring for all medical conditions as multiple conditions often coexist. Among the many conditions we manage are:

  • Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Glaucoma
      • Open Angle Glaucoma
      • Narrow Angle Glaucoma
      • Pigmentary Glaucoma

  • Cataracts
  • LASIK (Pre & Post-Operative)
  • Retinal Disorders
      • Macular Degeneration
      • Diabetic Retinopathy
      • Retinal Holes & Tears
      • Retinal Detachments

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses offer several advantages for many patients. They are offer correction for both near sightedness and far sightedness, astigmatism, and for those above 40 years of age, a nice reading option. Lens materials and parameters have significantly improved over the years, allowing longer wearing and better comfort.

Dr. Ramy Seyam is proficient in fitting Multifocal and Bifocal contact lenses, as well as monovision lenses, allowing for both distance and near clarity. Lens modalities exist in dailies (single-use), bi-weekly, monthly among other options. Disposable contact lenses are much more popular owing to the convenience and health factors of scheduled lens disposal.