an introduction;

Here to Serve…

Wayne EyeCare is a new eye care center geared towards offering the highest level of personalized care to enhance your vision and life.  Designer eye wear, suited to address all styles, is a passion at Wayne EyeCare.  This modern and well trusted eye care center is situated in Wedgewood Plaza, a central and accessible shopping center on Hamburg Turnpike.  The eye care center provides quality comprehensive eye examinations along with medical and urgent eye care.  The optometric physician manages ocular conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, dry eye, complex contact lens fittings, myopia control, and conjunctivitis.


The Path

Dr. Ramy Seyam , a Board-Certified Optometric Physician, ensures that each patient is cared for and treated in a professional and respectful manner. Each patient has very specific eye care needs and deserves to be managed in an individualized fashion.  Dr. Seyam completed his optometric degree at the New England College of Optometry in Boston, MA.  He then continued on in a residency in Ocular Disease with OMNI Eye Services in New Jersey where he grew up.  During his residency he was trained within various sub-specialties including retina, advanced glaucoma, oculoplastic, cataract and anterior segment conditions.

He now lives locally in Wayne, NJ with his wife and children.  Opening a new private practice was a major decision and Ramy realized it would involve much sacrifice.  Dr. Seyam decided to open a practice where he would be able to spend the most time with his loving family, in his hometown of Wayne.


All about the Eyes…

Wayne EyeCare focuses on various ocular conditions that can potentially impact one’s quality of life.  Conditions such as dry eye can interfere with daily computer work.  Dry Eye Syndrome causes ocular irritation which worsens at the computer and while wearing contact lenses.  Digital computer related eyestrain is on the rise with increased hours at the computer and should be treated with the proper techniques and lens designs.  Another novel treatment offered at Wayne EyeCare is the prescription of lenses that block harmful high energy blue light emitted from various back-lit devices such as computer monitors, IPads, and mobile devices.  These and many other eyeglass lens options are crucial in prescribing the latest technology to each patient’s individual needs.

At Wayne EyeCare, embracing the local community is at the forefront of our mission.  Wayne EyeCare participated in the Wayne Annual Health Fair, providing vision screenings to local residents.  At a nearby school Dr Seyam held a vision screening and was able to detect significant vision ailments in young children.  Wayne EyeCare also joined the YMCA for their annual Field Day event and is a proud supporter of the Wayne PAL.


The Boutique

Wayne EyeCare is an authorized retailer of Alain Mikli, a European designer of high-end handmade eyeglasses.  Mikli eyewear features unique colors and shapes and are a favorite amongst European celebrities and avant-garde Americans.  Oliver Peoples, also at Wayne EyeCare, maintains a passion for excellence in eyewear handcrafted of the most precious materials with high attention to detail.